It is hard to imagine a house in the old town of El Puerto de Santa María not have patio. Some are noble, interiors, airy, light or roofed. And of course, the yards of neighbors and residents. All of them without exception are portuenses courtyards keep inside history, tradition, culture and fond memories of happy childhoods.

The typology of portuenses yards is varied. Thus we can find yards square, with archery double floor with closings or balustrade, but the type or architecture, to be important not say everything about the idiosyncrasies of them. It is from our point of view, the way of life and interpersonal relationships in portuenses courtyards have been developed, which gives dynamic sense to a semi-public and semi-private space.

Are portuenses patios, courtyards following the Andalusian trend materialize as central courtyards and magnificent palaces in so many homes in El Puerto de Santa María. At other times, we looked at decentralized courtyards that defy the canons of symmetry generally located in buildings of more modest infrastructure.There. In either otherwise the beauty and peculiarities of the courts of El Puerto is undeniable.


El Puerto de Santa María account (although uncatalogued) approximately six hundred yards counted by this association: Monumental, convent, religious, stately, popular ... which forces us to make a number of insights and distinctions.


The equity courts in most cases have fared better than so-called popular patios. "The monumental courtyard, architecture and little else. The popular watering flowers", and yet the latter have an undeniable ethnocultural value, if only because they belong to our manners itinerary.


OBJECTIVES of this association are recovered for citizens and visitors people of El Puerto de Santa María, heritage, monuments and popular as are the portuenses yards to help care, visibility and value of historical and cultural heritage of our spaces city:

  • Promoting care portuenses yards for personal enjoyment of those who live and to allow visits to the general public on specific dates.

  • Contribute to retrieve, transmit and disseminate knowledge, culture and history, around patios, has been generated and belongs to portuense heritage.

  • Lost popular traditions of lifestyles and divertimento lathes to patios.

  • Give value folkloric, culinary, ornamental, artistic and cultural customs related portuenses courtyards into a whole.


PROPOSALS actions designed to achieve goals related to the recovery of our heritage and therefore actions under educational, cultural, heritage, tourism, urban and social areas. All aspects related to the quality of life of citizens.